Industry Solutions
When considering a technology partner, their knowledge of your industry and needs are critical to your project’s success.

At Coronella we have not built a single piece of software or even a handful of applications. The fact is that we have built several succesful, long-lived software applications for our clients spanning a wide variety of industries. Whether supporting the organziation as a whole or just improving the way a department operates, we strive to understand the fundamentals of your business objectives.

The Types of Applications We Build
Marketing, Sales & Business Intelligence
   • Marketing Campaign ROI Modeling
   • Lead Conversion Analysis
   • Sales Force Automation

Insurance & Finance
   • Retirement Benefits Administration
   • Title Insurance Underwriting
   • Property Management
   • Operational Cost Analysis
   • Medical Billing

Supply Chain & Manufacturing
   • ERP Implementations
   • Quality Control Economic Modeling
   • Mobile Sales Force Order Processing
   • Warehouse Logistics
   • Food Services and Catering

Business Process
   • Project Management and Collaboration Tools
   • Human Resource Information Systems
   • Business and Operations Workflow
     Analysis & Design
   • Document Imaging and Control

Information Technology and Development
   • IT Strategy Consulting
   • Commercial Software Product Development
   • Software Development Mentoring
   • Application Hosting and Technical Support

Sports & Entertainment
   • MLB Scouting and Team
     Performance Analysis
   • Content Feeds for Sport Entertainment
     Media Outlets

   • Fund Raising and Volunteer
     Recruitment Systems
   • Social Services Case Management
Client Case Studies
CAI is pleased to provide the following case studies for your review. Each case represents a highly successful information technology project that had a measurable positive impact on the bottom line.
Marketing consulting firm helps Fortune 500 measure ROI of Marketing Campaigns:

Using a highly intuitive user interface, marketers confidently and consistently enter marketing campaign parameters that construct cost, revenue and ROI results for multiple campaign scenarios. Marketing plans continue through the workflow to approval and eventual tracking of actual results and performance of their plans.

Medical equipment provider integrates field sales and back office for rapid orders:

A medical equipment provider now offers 1 day turn around on all orders for medical equipment by generating orders at the doctor's office using wireless web technology that connects them to the main office and suppliers. With an integrated supply chain that provides rapid turnaround, RPM captures business in several new states.

AmeriCorps program ties 15 branch offices into a national recruitment program:

City Year, an AmeriCorps volunteer program, ties 15 cities together into a single national recruitment program that enables volunteers to serve where they are needed most. By using a powerful Intranet recruitment and admissions system, City Year recruits high quality individuals at the national level.

Title insurance underwriter expands business into 17 states during refinance boom:

Combining document imaging of insurance policy documents with Web based agent services; a regional title insurance underwriter grows its business in many new states while also capitalizing on the recent surge in refinance business. Insurance agents prefer to write policies with an underwriter that provides real time access and excellent customer service.

Property management finds leaks in water bills, significantly lowers all utility costs:

A property management firm ties 20 affordable housing developments together via the Web to monitor and manage utility costs for gas, water, and electric. By capturing usage information from the source in real time, this property management firm lowered overall utility costs by 30 percent and helps make affordable housing sustainable.

Bank uses cost reduction idea pool to lower costs and prepare for merger:

A large regional bank gathers and processes thousands of cost cutting ideas from all its employees to generate enough cash to buy a competing bank. By efficiently collecting detailed ideas from employees and weighing numerous options and priorities, the bank was able to implement the most effective cost cutting measures and raise cash quickly.

Fashion eyewear business achieves sharp increase in field sales with mobile workforce:

In the fast moving business of fashion eyewear, a European company outfitted its sales force with mobile technology that captures orders for rapid turnaround. Fast turnaround helped retailers offer the latest fashion without running out of stock on the most popular items. This fashion eyewear maker increased market share throughout central Europe and kept the competition at bay.

Retirement benefit administrators provide new level of customer service to employees:

Employees considering retirement need to know their options and they need fast, clear answers. By outfitting retirement representatives with a real time benefits system with powerful calculations and reporting features, employees could get answers and know where their pension funds stood. Employee satisfaction increased while benefits administration costs declined.

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