A Proven Process
With every technology company offering �a process�, how do you make the right choice?

Successful business applications don�t materialize out of thin air. Instead they rely on a well thought out plan and precisely executed development. Regardless of the development firm you hire, there will be a process to follow throughout the life cycle of your application. Often overlooked, this process ultimately controls whether the toughest development / integration challenges are overcome or fail miserably � costing you time & money. At Coronella over 3 decades of experience has allowed us to refine the way we work with clients and create web-based software solutions that deliver results.

Success Starts with Understanding
It has been said many times over that in order to develop a software solution; one must have a thorough knowledge of your business. But what does that really mean?

Coronella Associates believes success stems from a deep understanding of everyone�s needs. This includes top decision makers who oversee the �big picture� through middle management who implement the plan, to lower level employees that utilize the tools to carry out their daily tasks. Our goal is to become intimately familiar with how your business operates, how departments interact with one another and how your products & services reach your customer base.
Seamless Integration
Sometimes the best applications fall short because they are not adopted into everyday business routines. Employees are not comfortable using the new software, which can lead to reduced productivity, stress & low morale. Middle management worries about the ongoing costs associated with the new equipment, training and support for the software. In turn upper management loses confidence in the application�s ability to provide a return on their investment.

Coronella understands that great software must become part of what you do, not just a new way of doing things. As consultants we work as a cohesive team with your employees during each phase of the process. This allows us to ask the right questions of the right people, at the right time, building confidence across your organization in the product we are developing.
Project Collaboration with CAI Tools
Coronella Associates provides all customers with CAI Tools, a proprietary web-based application to jointly manage day-to-day project workflow and documentation for projects.

�  CAI Tools notifies project participants of individual task assignments.
�  Keeps development schedules & milestones on track.
�  Clear and comprehensive Reports provide project status and workload
   information for each team member.

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