Technical Capabilities
Servers, computers & internet connections are getting faster. Business applications need to be accessed through your intranet, website, and even mobile phones. Sound familiar?

Coronella Associates is a pioneering development company leading the transition from desktop software to web-based applications. The systems we create provide an easy, intuitive way for employees, vendors and customers to interact with your company. Data and security remain centralized within your company and the application itself is deployed to desktops or through web browsers.

Cutting Edge Technologies
There is an old adage - You are only as good as the tools you use. Coronella continuously examines the latest technologies, blending them into our applications to improve the user interface & experience, as well as deployment and reliability of the system.
Adobe Flex User Interface Specialists
- Dataflow and workflow analysis
- Intuitive interface design allows users to
  easily interact with the application
- Helps users visualize the application
- Adobe Flex Specialists - Allows for
  deployment on desktop or server
Core Design & Programming Concepts
Even though the technologies we use to develop applications continue to evolve,
30+ years later the core concepts of good software & database design still ring true. Coronella applies well established technologies to create a solid foundation to build
your application upon.

Adobe ColdFusion
Application Developers
- Enterprise level development tools
- Code & processes that connects interface to data
- Provides security for you application & information
Database Design
- Can develop on all popular systems
- Solid foundation for your application
- Data conversion from existing systems
Turning Data into Information
An application cannot become an effective business tool unless it can deliver information when you, your employees or your customers need it. Coronella develops reports that are easy to understand and provide the right amount of detail each level of your organization requires in making critical business decisions.
Reporting Design & Generation
- Data extraction and visualization
- Conversion of existing reporting
- Popular formats such as Word,
  Excel, PDF and more
- Automated reporting keeps critical
  information in front of users
Skills & Experience
- Strategic Analysis
- Project Management
- Web Technologies/Stacks
- User Interface Analysis and Design
- Database Design
- Business Logic Development
- Quality Assurance
- Hosting & Network Infrastructure
Quality Assurance
Coronella provides our clients with a unique quality assurance testing process, designed to reduce the amount of software errors & mistakes that will eventually cost you money. As pieces of your application become available, they are moved to our QA servers and run through an in-depth battery of procedures by one of our Quality Assurance Specialists. The application is then moved to a production server, where our Specialists work directly with your employees to put the software through its paces, until it is ready for release.
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