Project Collaboration with CAI Tools
CAI Tools allows Coronella to develop creative software solutions
through a repeatable, definitive process.

Born out of the need for project management software that complimented our development process, Coronella created CAI Tools a proprietary web-based application to jointly manage day-to-day project workflow and documentation for client projects. CAI Tools keeps team members from both companies in the loop and up-to-date on the latest developments, while maximizing their expertise on the project.

"We have relied on Coronella’s software development task system (CAI Tools) to ensure teamwork and common understanding of our projects."
Susan Lawson - Chief Executive Officer
"CAI Tools has been essential to the development of our CMIS software. Without this tool, I know that development would take longer, not be as thorough, and there would be a greater likelihood of miscommunication."
Melinda Jiusto - Project Manager
Visualize Your Project
At its core, CAI Tools provides our clients with a bird’s eye view of the project. Clear & concise reporting allows you to quickly retrieve status reports on tasks & milestones, time & budget usage, specification, testing and revisions.
Single Point of Collaboration
Software development can often span months or years. CAI Tools provides a forum for our companies to work & communicate effectively with one another throughout the life cycle of your software.
Assure Integrity in the Details
CAI Tools task management keeps details on the radar while creating accountability on both sides of the table. Project participants can see what they are responsible for and when it's needed by.
Increased Productivity
By keeping team members on the same page we are able to accomplish more in less time. Project meetings are shorter, phone & email correspondence are more efficient which helps to keep the development timeline on track.
Smooth Transition
CAI Tools helps the client take ownership of application, by allowing them to take an active role in the development process every step of the way.
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